Braided fleece with faux-fur weave tuggy

Braided fleece with faux-fur weave tuggy

Polar fleece! A simple material that works very well for your dog to thrash around with you! Again our dogs love these, they always get excited when this toy comes out and want to play WITH you.


We’ve chosen a circle shape with an extra bit offering you a few places to hold the tuggy, whilst the fluff guides your dog away from your hand. 


We cut and braid the fleece to make sure there is as much ‘natural’ stretch as possible whilst retaining the good parts that the fabrics offer. Fleece is quite tough, stretchy, and washed very well. We think we’ve got the braiding/weave tightness just right (which takes a little more time), giving stretchy, but not *too* much, meaning it’s hard to offer resistance and actively play back with your dog. We’ve been using the same toys for months, they’ve been through our washing machines time after time, they still look great, and they work exactly the same as when we first made them.


The faux-fur weave is made from a ‘faux-fur’ and could be a great way of directing your dog to grab hold of the tuggy on the fur bit, and away from your hand (good for avoiding any accidental teeth scrapes). Our dogs go for the fluff weave part on the circular part and avoid reaching for our hand area – sometimes they do this to get extra purchase – we think!


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Our fleece tuggies comes in a range of colours:


To complement our snuffle mats:

  • Coastline - Navy, sky & yellow
  • Wildflower - Lilac, aqua, pink & purple
  • Galaxy - Black, pink & aqua
  • Sunset - Black, aqua & rust
  • Atmosphere - Navy, royal, aqua & sky
  • Blossom - Purple, lilac & pink
  • Herbal - Pink, wine & green
  • Landscape - Royal & yellow
  • Glade - Bottle, khaki & pale pink
  • Tropical - Aqua, yellow & khaki


Colour pairings

  • Navy & pink
  • Wine & lilac
  • Aqua & rust
  • Pink & green
  • Aqua & purple
  • Aqua & navy
  • Yellow, navy & aqua
  • Rust, yellow, navy & aqua


If you need a specific mix - just drop us an email!

  • Yes! They do!


    We’ve consciously chosen to construct these tuggies using only cruelty free materials. We all know dogs love animal fur, the texture and even the smell often! We have no problem or disagreement with the dogs desire for that, we just think its not needed or necessary for every day training (actually, we find it’s often too much for our pups at the moment!). It’s hard to be consistently told that we vote with every purchase, and being blasted with doomsday articles on the environment or animal welfare. We’ve made it easy. The dogs love the fluff. Absolutely love the fluff. We don’t *need* to use bits of animal in our play-training (they need to eat animal bits though), so we’ve spent a little extra on sourcing the high quality faux-fur, with different textures and colours and lengths of fur strands. We expect you’ll get the package, open it up and just want to keep it for yourself and rub your face in it! It’s really, really nice stuff.

  • Just a quick head ups – these toys are designed to be used to play WITH your dog, to build a good relationship with your four-legged friend through play, and NOT intended for your dog to play with alone, and then pluck away at to get inside (which is natural, and ours would happily do!). As they aren’t made from animal skin, by design, they won’t be digested by the dog very well! Please make sure to not leave your dog unsupervised with these toys. As a dog owner on the internet, we’re sure you’re used to this message by now, but it is an important one.