Dog Bandanas

Dog Bandanas

Dog bandanas; do we need them? Nope, of course not!

Do we like them? Yes!


We’ve chosen a slightly thicker, tougher fabric to make sure these bandanas last and can be worn as much as you like and not forgotten in the bottom of a drawer as a waste of money. It makes for a slightly bulkier knot, and a few seconds more of tying it, but it also means the knot is less likely to magically open up! (Note: the blue foxes, green pheasants and yellow rabbits are a standard weight fabric).


Our medium size has been on Border collies and up to Leonbergers, and then back town to a Zuchon with a larger fit style. Our small looks great on Jack Russel sizes and smaller spaniels. X-Small on smaller still. Iff you have a toy dog, or extra large dog just get in touch as even if we don't have items listed as we make everything ourself we can happily accomadate you.


Due to the currrent pandemic, we are experiencing delays in getting some of our materials. Choose from our currently in stock items for dispatch ASAP.

Currently in stock:

Green Pheasant - XS x2 | S x1 | M x1

Yellow Rabbits - XS SOLD OUT | S x1 | M x1

Blue Cheeky Seagulls - XS SOLD OUT | S SOLD OUT | M x1

Natural with Pink Flowers - XS SOLD OUT | S x2 | M x1

Blue Flowers - XS x1 | S SOLD OUT | M x2


Grey Stars - XS x1 | S SOLD OUT | M x2

Orange Burst - XS x1 | S x1 | M x2

Blue Fox - XS SOLD OUT | S SOLD OUT | M x1

Green Flowers & Hares - XS x1 | S x1 | M x2

Mushroom Print - XS S SOLD OUT | S SOLD OUT | M x1




Note: If your dog isn’t comfortable with you faffing about with bandanas or similar things, perhaps a custom collar in your favourite colour combination is a better way of having something ‘a bit fun’ on your dog. Check out our Biothane range here

  • Wash on cool and dry flat