Dog snoods

Dog snoods

Dog snoods; do we need them? Nope, of course not!
Do we like them? Yes!


We’ve chosen a range of fabric types for our snoods, all of which are stretchy. We’ve done this as items like this are for our benefit really, and for vanity reasons (we can’t see anything wrong with this!). 

So to make it simple, and of course, quick, for your dog we’ve made sure they’re quick and easy to go over their heads!


The stretch also means they stay put a little better – think of it like a stretch neck scarf/tube rather than a wrap around scarf. We’ve also added a twist into the design so it sits comfortably on the neck - and looks cool!


Due to the currrent pandemic, we are experiencing delays in getting some of our materials. Choose from our currently in stock items for dispatch ASAP.

Currently in stock:

Cloud Scuba - S/M x2 | M/L x5

Turquoise Stripe - S/M x2 | M/L x3

Forest Green Knit - S/M x1 | M/L x2

Grey Waffle - S/M SOLD OUT | M/L x1



Note: If your dog isn’t comfortable with you faffing about with bandanas or similar things, perhaps a custom collar in a nice colours combination (See this listing) is a better way of having something ‘a bit fun’ on your dog.

  • Wash on cool and dry flat