Gift card

Gift card

If you want to gift a JINKS item but aren't sure what product, size or colour to get then why not gift our gift cards? We can send a digital one to you, or send you our phycal card (postcard size). 


The gift card can either be for a product or a monitory amount. Check out our listing for a product gift card, or BioThane product here.


Please note: We will send the gift card to the address or email address you provide at checkout as standard. If you want the gift card sent straight to the recipient tell us otherwise by email  If you want to gift more than one product we can include everything on one card or seperate them for different people, just let us know!




If the gift card if for someone else then we wil make sure to include free delivery for the recipient. Just tell them to get in contact with us on Instagram (@madebyjinks) or email (