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Grab handle for waterproof webbing long line

Grab handle for waterproof webbing long line

This is an add on for our Water Webbing long lines, which can be found HERE.

We've designed these handles so you grab on to the line quickly, or keep your dogs close around traffic, other dogs, at gates or narrow paths etc. For example we would find one useful closer to the dog and one half way down the line.

You can add them onto your order seperately and we've linked to them with more information below.


This permanent handle is a 'grab handle' constructed from a strip of waterproof webbing, sticking out from the line to form a loop/handle to grab easily and stop the line running through fingers under tension.


You can order as many as you like, just remember to tell us where you want them on the line.


Our removable handles can be found HERE and our smaller versions HERE.

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