Luxury Faux-fur tuggies

Luxury Faux-fur tuggies

Our dogs love our luxury faux fur tuggies, and we also love them, for a few reasons. We’re offering one size as our main product as we feel they suit for playing with all but very, very small dogs. (Check this listing for those!)


They fit nicely into an outdoor jacket pocket, or a side rucksack pocket (quickdraw!), they wash easily and fluff up afterwards well. The webbing has a light cushioning, a little more gentle on your hands than a standard webbing. They’re simple, they work and our dogs love them, no need to complicate things further than that.


Our tuggies are constructed to be as strong as something stuffed and made from fabric can be! We’ve lined the luxury faux-fur with a tough canvas, and made sure our cushioned webbing runs through the full length of the tuggy to assist with the core strength of the tuggy! We also use extra strong thread and love the end result.


As the faux fur we use is remnants from the fashion/home decor industry each fur is available in limited quantities. We have sorted them into colour groups (brown, grey, tan etc) and you will be sent one at random from that group. If you want something specific just drop us an email!


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  • Yes! They do!


    We’ve consciously chosen to construct these tuggies using only cruelty free materials. We all know dogs love animal fur, the texture and even the smell often! We have no problem or disagreement with the dogs desire for that, we just think its not needed or necessary for every day training (actually, we find it’s often too much for our pups at the moment!). It’s hard to be consistently told that we vote with every purchase, and being blasted with doomsday articles on the environment or animal welfare. We’ve made it easy. The dogs love the fluff. Absolutely love the fluff. We don’t *need* to use bits of animal in our play-training (they need to eat animal bits though), so we’ve spent a little extra on sourcing the high quality faux-fur, with different textures and colours and lengths of fur strands. We expect you’ll get the package, open it up and just want to keep it for yourself and rub your face in it! It’s really, really nice stuff.

  • Just a quick head ups – these toys are designed to be used to play WITH your dog, to build a good relationship with your four-legged friend through play, and NOT intended for your dog to play with alone, and then pluck away at to get inside (which is natural, and ours would happily do!). As they aren’t made from animal skin, by design, they won’t be digested by the dog very well! Please make sure to not leave your dog unsupervised with these toys. As a dog owner on the internet, we’re sure you’re used to this message by now, but it is an important one.