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We also love our cats here at Jinks! We both have two, and both have one called Luna. Even though they live in their own, pampered worlds, and are far more independent to dogs; they are also a huge part of our lives, and of our dogs lives too.

Whilst cats and dogs play very differently, we wouldn't want to leave them out.

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We've started with a 'tuggy' style toy, more similar to a traditional cat 'teaser' toy than a dog tuggy. One fuller and one a bit smaller for kittens or smaller cats.

Our tassel cat toys, named the 'goldfish' have a mix of fabrics, including: fleece, ribbons, lace ribbon, and a catnip fish! (You can also request one without catnip). The fish is removable so you can wash the toy, or, just stick the whole thing in the wash if you don't want catnip.

COMING SOON: Our catnip pillows are made from 'scrap' fabric, giving material otherwise destined to the bin a new life. Lightly stuffed and available in multiple patterns and shapes for different play styles. Long and skinny for scratch and kicking, or smaller for carrying about and rubbing all over!

Lightweight toys with long handles, made for you to madly wave tassels at your cat. 

Cat nip pillows making use of fabric ends coming soon.

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