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snuffle collection

Our snuffle bag, is design by us, for use anywhere & we're very proud of it: a great addition to any training tool kit. We also do traditional snuffle mats too!

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From an easy transportable waterproof travel mat, to our training lines and leads. We make make whatever it is you're missing.

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BioThane collection

We make all our collars, leads, long-lines and belts. Pick your style and colour mix. Everything is waterproof, stink-proof, mud-proof & fuss free!

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From sports fabric t-shirts for dog sports, to our recycled cotton/polyester t-shirts for lounging. All are hand designed and printed by us.

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Choose from our cruelty-free tuggies, made with high quality faux-fur or  our braided fleece options. Bungee handles coming soon!

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Just for fun


From bandannas in a range of prints to stretchy snoods in a variety of finishes, it's just a bit of fun. We can make them to any size as a custom order.

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Shop all ready to post JINKS products

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Gift cards

If you want to gift a JINKS item but aren't sure what product, size or colour to get then why not gift our gift cards? We can send a digital one to you, or send you our physical card (postcard size). 


The gift card can either be for a product, BioThane product or a monitory amount.