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BioThane® is a coated webbing, with waterproof, stink proof, colour fast & wipe clean benefits! We've chosen to exclusively use genuine BioThane® in all our collars and leads. It has been well tested for durability, strength, chemical resistance and colour fastness by the manufacturers.


The strength comes from the polyester webbing core, whilst the thin TPU coating gives the waterproofing qualities. The coating also makes it stink-proof and easy to clean. You can clean it with dish soap in your kitchen sink.


BioThane® is a great cruelty free alternative to leather as it offers a similar look, plus it doesn't stretch as leather does.. plus all the added benefits above.

 We've chosen our favourite colours which all look great with our range of metal hardware. Whatever combination you choose; you & your dog can walk & train in your own style.


big little dog.PNG
big little dog.PNG

 We regularly make up different sizes, styles and colour combinations of our BioThane® products. This gives you quite a range of choice, our collar and lead styles are detailed below. 


As well as a range of product styles and BioThane colours on offer, we have two widths to choose from; 20 mm and 25 mm wide. We also have a range of metal hardware finishes; Silver, Rose gold, Black, Antique bronze and Neochrome (rainbow). Plus black acetal clips for lightweight sports collars.


If we don't have the size or colour combination you want in stock, you can order a custom collar or lead. There's no extra charge, but made to order items come with a slightly longer wait time.


We are happy to work with you if you have a specific custom creation or requirement in mind. Just drop us an email with a description of what you're after, or a photo of a sketch if its easier. Our contact form can be found in our website footer below. We also use Instagram messaging regularly if that' easier.

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BioThane colours

Your colour options for JINKS BioThane products.

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Long lines


Our long lines are made from 20mm wide BioThane. Wide enough to stop painful tugs but thin enough to stop bulk. Used with thought they can be a great tool for training recall or for keeping your dog safe around livestock. As BioThane is waterproof & doesn't pick up dirt like standard webbing, we think it is a far better material for long lines. We can add D-rings for removable handles & grab handles.


Essentially just handle on clip. Clip into the D-rings along your long lead or long line and use as a lead at that new chosen length. It keeps the lead lightweight when at full lengths and offers lots of freedom for you and dog. 

grab handle.JPG


Designed to grab when we need to walk with a shorter lead for short distances, not designed for pulling/sharp tugs. Please choose a removable handle for this.


We can also make our long lines without a handle! This makes the end slightly lighter for tailing & also no loop to get caught on things. 

We can either end the line blank, or with a D-ring that you can clip a removeable handle into - the best of both worlds!


Remember you can wash BioThane in the kitchen sink. Not only does it keep it looking its best colour wise, it also stops grit and dirt from clogging up the lead clips and rivet attachments. Perhaps the most useful for long lines as they tend to trail on the floor.

walking belt.JPG


We love using our Dog Walking belts for a range of activities and reasons. This inludes hands free dog training when they need to be on lead, walking on uneven ground where two hands are useful for balance, practicing loose lead work, running, walking multiple dogs and sometimes for that extra piece of mind.

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Lead syles
training lead with link



We have 3 BioThane® lead options, all available in 20 mm wide or 25 mm wide BioThane®.

We have 1 m leads, 1.4 m leads and 2 m double ended training leads as standard. We are also happy to make any custom options - just get in touch!

We've also added two thicknesses of paracord rope leads to our collection.

green silver lead.jpg
pink 20 black lead.JPG


Traditional 1 m lead for daily walks.

Our standard leads are 1 m long & made with 20 or  25 mm wide BioThane®. It is comfy & practical in all weathers. Our design includes a D-ring on the handle (so you can clip in treat bags, lights, keys; whatever you want!)

If you have a smaller dog and want a narrower/lighter lead with a smaller lead clip the 20 mm wide BioThane® would be our suggestion.

1.4 m LEAD

A slightly longer lead with no frills.

These leads are great for loose lead walking in parks/pavements/paths. We prefer this style in our 20 mm BioThane®. but are happy to make them in 25 mm wide too. It is comfy & practical in all weathers.


This design includes a floating O-ring on the handle (so you can clip in treat bags, lights, keys; whatever you want!)

new lead.jpg
bright training leads 3.jpg


A double ended lead, perfect for pavements, parks & precarious paths.

Our training leads are made from 20 mm wide genuine BioThane® & measure 2 m long end to end. The BioThane® is wide enough to stop painful tugs but thin enough to stop bulkiness. They have fast become our favourite leads for day to day use!

The lead is double ended with a D-ring 1/3 of the way down to clip into. This gives you 3 lengths, or 4 if you use a walking belt.

We can add on a floating O-ring or more D rings for more length options.


Weather resistant rope for an everyday lead, available in 10 and 12 mm thick rope and in 2 lead lengths. 

Whilst BioThane is our favourite for everyday use & in mucky environments, we know many (including our partners) sometimes just like a good piece of rope to hold. So this range is aimed at that! We still chose material that is non absorbent & polymer based to it won't rot & can be gently washed.

Collar styles
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Jasper 01.jpg



We have 5 style options for you to choose from. Your choice could be based on preference, neck size, breed or coat type. Check out the information below to help inform your choices.

best one maybe.jpg
blue rose gold.jpg


A standard, traditional dog collar design which is suitable for most activities.

It uses a traditional prong buckle, offering small adjustments over a 10 cm range. You may wish to use the collar tighter for walking for added security, and looser if you walk on a harness for use as a tag holder. The adjustments gives the bonus of size changes if your dog is still growing, or if their weight fluctuates. We can easily add more holes giving more size range if you like.

We make the XS size and below with eyelet holes every 2 cm, and larger sizes every 2.5 cm.

This style gives a classic collar look - but with modern, cruelty-free materials that will last.


Simple, Striking, Easy.


We have been tested our new metal 'cobra' clip buckles for quite a while. These have a secure 'cobra' style fit. They are available in a range of colours, and in 20 and 25 mm so plenty to choose from. We haven't loaded them on our website yet, but get in touch if you want to purchase this style now.


Our collar designs has one quick release clip buckle and is made to your size request. You can either measure your dogs current properly fitting collar, or measure their neck with a two finger space underneath the measuring tape.

See our fitting guide below.

With this style you can put it on and only need to take off to wipe clean.

25 mm lilac and sand fixed length bioThane collar from JINKS
sport collar no text.jpg


Simple & lightweight

This collar style is similar to our fixed length collar design but uses a tough and firm, quick release acetal clip buckle, rather than a metal clip. We make this collar to your size, either give us you current collar measurement if you like the fit, or measure you dogs neck with two fingers underneath the measuring tape.

This collar is lightweight, tough, and just needs a wipe down to clean if (when) it gets covered in gunk on adventures!!


An innovative design combining adjustment

with an easy on & off buckle.

The best of both worlds; an adjustable buckle (tighter fit for walks, looser for the house), and a quick release buckle for easy on & off! Perfect if you need to remove your dogs collar for crating or leaving at home alone in a multi dog household.


Added bonus: You can also change the size of the collar when it’s off the dog, so for nervous dogs fitting is a breeze.


We mix our metal adjustable buckles with our black acetal buckles in both 20 and 25 mm wide BioThane® options. We will be adding out new metal cobra buckle options shortly. Get in touch if you want one now!

Grey 2 buckle collar 25 mm.jpg
jasper loop first.jpg


Our newest style of BioThane® collar. Giving a BioThane update to a favourite collar style.

Fitting is especially important with this style to make sure there is no choking when wearing. We have included information on this below.

We've used a shiny polyester webbing for the moving section of this collar to ensure smooth motion, and less texture for cleaning.


The loop size changes to match the collar size.


Made for tiny tiny necks.

For tiny necks that want a wider collar band we use 25 mm BioThane® and construct a collar similar to our standard adjustable collar. However, it is made slightly differently to better fit a tighter curve.


Rivets are placed closer together & eyelet holes are placed every 2 cm,. For especially small necks the collar will comes without a collar loop to keep it as simple and lightweight as possible.

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Collar fitting
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Our standardised sizing at JINKS:

  • XXS /Extra-Extra Small = 25-35 cm,

  • XS /Extra-Small = 30-40 cm,

  • S /Small = 35-45 cm,

  • M /Medium = 40-50 cm,

  • L /Large = 45-55 cm,

  • XL /Extra-Large = 50-60 cm,

  • XXL/Extra-Extra Large = 55-65 cm.

big little dog.PNG


We think 20 mm wide BioThane is suited for collars for small/very small dogs, or as tag holders for larger dogs.

25 mm wide Biothane collars would be suited as a chunkier style on small dogs, and as a standard collar for small dogs and up.

If you want a X-small/Small collar in 25 mm BioThane please consider our ‘small sighthound’ style, we make these collars slightly differently to allow a tighter curve. Our 25 mm BioThane collars are slightly heavier, so for very small dogs we’d recommend the 20 mm width.


You should be able to fit two fingers underneath your dog’s collar when it’s on - just to make sure it's not too tight.

Check out our graphics below for how to measure your dog's neck or existing collar accurately.

Then: Pick the most suited range from our sizes  - we like choosing a value in the middle of a size’s range, then you have room to go larger and smaller when needed.


Check out the graphics below for the best we ways we have found for measuring your dog's neck, or an existing collar accurately and safely.

You can click on an image to expand and save.

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