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Training can include many items, or just a few to give structure and boundaries to training. Check out our travel mats; they can go with you everywhere, to use as eating areas, or mats for boundary training. Multi purpose. Also check out our snuffle bags!

Coming soon : Everyday Treat Bags with helpful pockets for everyday walks & Fancy Treat Bags for a bit fun to go to the fanciest of dog friendly places.

boundary and travel mats

training mat.PNG

We enjoy using our travel mats out and about as well as in the home; boundary training with our dogs.

There are many ways to implement and use the mat, either to keep the messy treats off the carpet, a boundary area outdoors in a training session, or as a place to rest.

The mat has a soft fleece upper, medium-weight padding and water resistant, tough fabric base. It folds into 3 for slimline storage and transport. 

training leads

training lead.PNG

Training leads are great for all of your dog walking needs. A shorter lead offers safety on the pavement, whilst 2 longer lengths on trails and in parks.

It's quick to switch between the lengths, ready for some loose-lead training, distance work and everything in between!

It's just a lead, but it could push your training forward and make things easier on multi-environment walks.


coming soon - every day and Fancy treat bags

We want to test our treat bags for a little longer so have chosen not to launch them just yet! 

The Everyday Treat Bag can be worn over the shoulder, around the waist, or clipped to your belt. With a tough, water-resistant outer, lined in rip-stop with inner poo-bag slot and jackpot pocket ready  for quick rewards. 


 Our Fancy Treat Bags are somewhere between a handbag and a treat bag, with removeable and washable liners, so now you can continue your training in any situation!

Training products

boundary and Travel mat

Patterned travel mats

Leads & long lines for training

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