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why is it good to play tug with my dog?

Most dogs love playing tuggy, and most will enjoy that play that little bit more if they get to play WITH you.

Playing tug helps to strengthen your relationship, can be used to reinforce behaviours and to drive participation in sports like agility.

It's great for making sure that to your dog, you're the most fun 'thing' in their world!

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A bit about our tuggies

All our fleece and faux fur tuggies can be bought with removable extensions. These are great for helping train your dog to want to return the toy to you during play and to reinforce the behaviour of playing WITH you. 

We have multiple tuggy styles, fur types and fleece colours and are happy to do custom colour combinations, custom extras and custom shapes, if you have a set up that you and your dog already love!

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Always cruelty free

Dogs love fur and animal skin, but is it needed? We've sourced high quality luxury faux fur and our dogs (and dogs we've tried our products on) love the stuff!


We can keep the real fur on the animals, and use our cruelty-free tuggies to practice and train with. (that's if you want to pass it over, its so soft!).

We also use fleece which offers a long lasting and stretchy material for tuggy toys.