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Snuffle bags

If you've never heard of a 'Snuffle' before we appreciate a snuffle bag may sound a bit confusing. We've designed & invented them so you wont find this information elsewhere, so we have tried to inform and explain where our design fits in. We've included a poster about our snuffle bags & text about snuffles, snuffle mats and bags below. Cited too!

Watch this space for an illustrated comic strip about our Snuffle Bags & our favourite ways to use them.

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This product is something we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, it’s been through a few prototypes to end up as the product we’re selling now. We use it, we like it and we’re proud of it. We hope you can integrate it into your training routine and make use of it too

- Caitlin & Amy

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If you’ve used or heard of snuffle mats you’ll know how good they are and how good ‘snuffling’ can be! Not just for enrichment feeding, but also to help calm your dog and help lower arousal levels. They work really well for this, but can only really do so in the house/garden!


With our snuffle bag you can have all that on the move! The outer is made from a durable, water-resistant fabric, inside is lined with soft fleece and of course, houses our fleece snuffles, each of which is sewn in. The bag opens via a toggled drawstring for you to set to your dog’s snoot size and hold to use with your dog, set up to sit on the floor, or open up to lie completely flat if you prefer! It closes with a twist lock and has a handy carry loop.

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It has countless applications but it’s great for when those sheep are just too interesting, the city is too loud, or

to add into your toolbox and help calm your nervous dog in uncomfortable situations.

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We feel it helps better than chucking biscuits into long grass as the dogs recognise the bag, like the bag, want it and it can also block their eyeline, making it easier on them and quicker for us to calm. We pre-load our bags if we think we might need a little something extra, and use them if we think our pups are getting a little stressed (or aroused in a way that could lead to them reacting poorly in a situation). They also make a great tool to keep them occupied whilst you have your pub lunch, chatting with friends in the park or any other situation where your dog could get bored.


They’re quick to get out, and pack away easily, so if you’re training your dog to try build up confidence, or tolerance in busy situations (from the side-lines, of course!) perhaps these could help. Our dogs will often take food from these when they refuse a treat (when they’re too stimulated), but we know every dog is different.


We use our Snuffle bags and love the idea, although do feel its worth saying that the bag alone wont just 'calm your dog'. It would need to be integrated into your training, and used in a few locations, so then your dog is comfortable with the idea of using it around distractions.

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Any more questions about the design, if you want something bigger than our standard size or smaller than our micro size then please get in touch -

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