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BioThane is a coated webbing, with waterproof, stink proof, non stretch, colour fast & wipe clean benefits! It has been well tested for durability, strength, and colour fastness by the manufacturers and the name and formula is trademarked.

The strength of the material comes from the polyester webbing core, whilst the thin TPU/PVC coating gives the waterproofing, whilst also making it stink-proof and easy to clean in your kitchen sink.

We appreciate that buying Biothane products can be costly, so we’ve been testing out this new waterproof webbing alternative.

IWaterproof webbing has the same fundementals as Biothane; with a polypropylene webbing core and a waterproof, stink-proof PU coating. The only difference we can detect when handling it is that it is slightly stiffer than Biothane, but without having both side by side you wouldn’t tell!

Biothane has a break load of 340kg (for 20mm wide) where this waterproof webbing is 210kg (for 20mm wide).


 Both BioThane and waterproof webbing are great cruelty free alternatives to leather as it offers a similar look plus, it doesn't stretch and has the added benefits above.



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Our long lines are made from 20mm wide BioThane or waterproof webbing. Wide enough to stop painful tugs but thin enough to stop bulk. Used with thought they can be a great tool for training recall or for keeping your dog safe around livestock. As BioThane/waterprrof webbing is waterproof & doesn't pick up dirt like standard webbing, we think it is a far better material for long lines. We can add D-rings for removable handles & grab handles.


Essentially just handle on clip. Clip into the D-rings along your long lead or long line and use as a lead at that new chosen length. It keeps the lead lightweight when at full lengths and offers lots of freedom for you and dog. 


Designed to grab when we need to walk with a shorter lead for short distances, not designed for pulling/sharp tugs. Please choose a removable handle for this.


These waterproof webbing long lines and leads are not made from BioThane but are made from a similar material, more details on the product listings and in a report coming soon.

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