Just for fun?

The bandanas and snoods we've made are just for a little fun. They, of course, don't help with training your dog, but we enjoy them and like the bit of fun it brings.

We know some people use bandanas on their dogs as it softens people's reactions to friendly dogs that have an unfair reputation so we hope to give you choice.

Our Fabrics

For our snoods we've chosen stretch fabrics so they'll stretch over your dogs easily, fit well and sit comfortably. 

The bandana fabrics are mainly all tough and durable, simply because it will last you longer & survive more adventures!

A note from us

If your dog doesn't enjoy things going over their head or things around their neck, perhaps consider one of our BioThane collars. You can pick what colour collar and metal hardware you want so it can fit your tastes exactly whilst being waterproof and stink-proof!



but also washable!