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Are you interested in stocking our products?

We are happy to stock dog trainers, dog schools, brick & mortar shops as well as online stores.

To get in contact please use the enquiry form below, or send us an email with the heading 'Wholesale enquiry'. Even if we can't respond in detail with a quote or a detail we will respond within a week with a link our our password protected Wholesale hub. These pages include a lot of information on timings, our equipment, prices & availability. 


It helps speed things up if you can include your business website (if applicable) as well as general idea of what type of products you're interested. You can also let us know if you're interested in any customisation, or unique design features.


Dog trainer note: We imagine if you are looking at our products you are a cruelty free dog trainer anyway.. we just want to note we make an effort to only supply wholesale to cruelty free trainers, we want to make sure we work with people that share our values.



Almost all of our products are available for wholesale purchase, and we aim to offer reasonable prices for everyone involved.

We do not feel we are the appropriate business type to offer white label products at this time. We are a 2 women team & make everything from scratch. We are also proud of what we create so want to recognise that.

We can offer customisation on some of our products, as well as colour schemes to match you business. eg. snuffle mats in your brands colours or your dog school logo on our travel mat.

We are also happy to work together to design a novel/unique product you might want to use or sell in your business. eg. a specific tuggy or clothing item.

For large orders we are happy to quote and source for materials or colours we don't currently use (within reason)!

Enter the wholesale hub by clicking the button above, you will need the password we've sent over for access.

Hub access
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What are you interested in? (Check as many as you like)

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