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Ready to post, quick post BioThane waterproof double ended training lead handmade in Sheffield by JINKS

2 m BioThane® training lead - RTP


This listing is for our training leads that are pre-made and ready to post out to you.


Made from genuine 19 mm Beta® BioThane® our 2 m training lead has trigger clips at both ends of the lead, as well as two D-rings, giving a three ways to use your lead (or 4 if you use our simple BioThane® walking belt).


We’ve made the lead with a D-ring just above the lead clip at one end, this means you can clip this side of the lead to your dog, then loop the lead back onto itself and clip into the D-ring, to use it like a 1 m (ish) loop. Or remove the clip from the D-ring at one end and clip it to the one part way down the lead, this makes a lead with a handle and the longest it will go. If you fancy a shorter lead then you can change the side clipped into the dog, and clip the free side into the D-ring 2/3 of the way down the lead, making a larger handle and a shorter lead. If you use a walking belt or our simple BioThane® walking belt, you can simply clip one side to your dog, and another side to yourself!


The choice of lengths makes it great for practicing loose lead work no matter the length and from going to pavement walking to adventure walking in seconds!


The leads also offers a good solution to clip your dog to something. If you’re at a picnic bench and need your hands free for yummy sandwiches, or training a few dogs and need one to stay on the side-lines then they can be clipped round a post/fence!


We cut your choice of BioThane® to our Jinks training lead pattern and secure the metal hardware in place with colour matched rivets. Everything is handmade and we think looks simple, modern and stylish. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free and practical for daily use.


We use our training leads in the 19 mm BioThane®, however if you like something chunkier and prefer larger clips for your dogs then we can make your lead to order in 25 mm BioThane®.


  • This listing is for pre-made training leads, however if you want a particular lead and hardware colour combination that we don’t have in stock please go to our 'Custom BioThane® lead' listing and order what you'd like through the drop down menus. 

PriceFrom £25.00
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