Lead & long line hybrid - 20 mm wide BioThane

Lead & long line hybrid - 20 mm wide BioThane

This item is made to order and may take up to 10-14 working days.


Long lines offer a great option for training, whether that be re-call training, training under distractions or simply for a bit more freedom in 'on lead' areas.

All our BioThane products are made from genuine BioThane® offering a stylish, waterproof and stink-proof option for dog walks.


We make our long lines with 20 mm BioThane webbing, and include 1 lead clip at one end of the line to clip to your dog, and at the other end we've included a 30 cm handle. We've also secured in a D-ring on the handle join for you to clip things to.

This hybrid bundle consists of a 5m long line with the above plus a removable handle and one clip point. You can add more length following the link below.





We can make lines at any length, after 5 m we charge £4.50 per m. Add extra length HERE.

Get in contact if you've got something in mind longer than the options available from the options on our website.


We can also make up your long line with optional permanent or removable handles at whatever point on the line you want. We've designed these so you grab on to the line quickly, or keep your dogs close around other dogs, at gates or narrow paths etc. For example we would find one useful closer to the dog and or one half way down the line.


This item already includes one removeable handles, but more information is linked below:

See removeable handles here, and small ones here.

See grab handles here.