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BioThane® walking belt - 25 mm wide

BioThane® walking belt - 25 mm wide

This item is made to order. Please ensure you order the correct size as made to order items are non-refundable


Made from genuine black 25 mm Beta BioThane® our simple Walking belts offer a hands free solution for dog walking, whether that be on a mountain or in the park.


What makes BioThane® perfect for dog collars and leads also makes it perfect for use as a walking belt, waterproof, durable and easy to clean. Put it on over clothing and clip your dog to the O-ring using our training lead. Available in two sizes, but also adjustable for use with different coats/layers of clothing. Pick whatever hardware colour to go with your walking belt, perhaps match your lead?


Everything is handmade and we think looks simple, modern and stylish. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free and practical for daily use.


  • Our collars can be washed with a mild detergent in the sink - but make sure to let them dry out properly to keep the metalwork looking its best.

PriceFrom £25.00
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