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Braided Fleece Tuggy With Ring or Ball Toy - RTP

Braided Fleece Tuggy With Ring or Ball Toy - RTP

RTP = Ready to Post


Made with soft, stretchy fleece and braided around a rubber ring for something extra for your dog to grab! The braided fleece is nice and stretchy, giving your arm a bit of relief from enthusiastic tuggers! We've got two shapes, straight and round, and a variety of colours to choose from. They are listed below with the rubber ring colour pairings and listed in the product options as the fleece colours. 


The rubber rings are approx 10-14 cm in diameter.

The rings with pockets on can hold treats.

The spikey rings are marked down -£3 as they are a little less resilient than the others used.


Once your tuggies get a bit too slobbery, they can be machine washed cold and left to air dry.


We only have limited stock left in this tuggy style - but get in touch if you want more and we might be able to get something sorted!


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Ring braided fleece shape:

Bottle/pink - orange treat ring

Navy/sky/orange - orange standard ring

orange/aqua - orange treat ring

Pink/Lilac - pink treat ring

Sky/khaki - orange ring

Orange/black - orange ring

Wine/Lilac - pink ring

Sky/khaki/bottle - reduced green spikey ring

Aqua/sky/royal/navy - reduced green spikey ring


Striaght braided shape:

Pink/baby pink/lilac - blue ring


    PriceFrom £12.00
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