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Green check fleece Travel mat

Green check fleece Travel mat

The same idea as our standard Travel Mats, but with a black cordura base and super-soft  patterned fleece!


The fleece up is sublimation printed with stunning designs and is super soft and slightly smoother than our standard Travel Mat fleece. 




Our write up on our standard travel mat applies here (but we love the patterns so much we use ours more in the house!!):


"We could have named it many things, as we think it has many potential uses.

We’ve constructed the mat to make sure its slimline, whilst still offering some support), foldable (into three!) and being suitable for outdoor use. The tough under fabric makes it suitable for many surfaces, even damp ones with the water resistant properties, and offers either a resting place, or a clear boundary for training your dog to stay in a certain area (either for safety while you’re inside sorting out the washing, outside barbequing or on holiday putting up a tent!).


The fleece upper fabric is quick drying and washes well, so it is suitable for use as a muddy dog bed in the car, or after a walk, although it will not offer as much support as a nice clean sofa cushion will! Again, it’s reasonably resilient mat, but could be easily destroyed by a persistent set of gnashers!

We use ours for a rest spot at agility classes, a clear boundary for chewing gross things on the floor (and not jumping up on the sofa/mushing bits into the rug), a car mat and have taken them away with us and they slot very well between bags or in front seat pockets in the back of our cars. "



Small = approx 60 x 35cm

Medium = approx 85 x 50 cm


Want a large (approx 110 x 65cm)? Just get in touch!

  • Wash on cool and leave to dry flat

  • The tough fabric is also the same used in our ‘Jinks Snuffle Bag’, and ‘Jinks everyday treat bags’ (coming soon!) so feel free to match or coordinate if you are interested in both products.

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