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Martingale collar - 25 mm wide

Martingale collar - 25 mm wide

This is a made to order item - Please allow 10-15 working days for dispatch. Please ensure you order the correct size as made to order items are non-refundable


All our BioThane custom collars are made from genuine BioThane® offering stylish, waterproof and stink-proof options for dog walks. They're be great for all dogs - fluffy dogs like Link, dogs with odd neck head/neck combinations like Arwen or just when you want a looser collar around the house - like for Jasper!


This collar style took us a while to develop as we felt we couldn't  just make it from 100% BioThane as there wouldn't be a smooth, secure & safe movement of the martingale loop.
We’ve included BioThane for the main part of the collar to make sure we maximise the waterproof & stink proof properties. We’ve used our tradition collar buckles to make sure the collar fits your dog correctly.  We've chosen a smooth webbing for the martingale loop itself, which glides through the triglides easily and has proven to be hardwearing with our lot. 

We have 3 colours of webbing for the loop to start; Purple, Pink & Blue

We can make the collars with silver, rose gold and black hardware for now.



Please scroll through to see our image of how to measure your collar.  Measurements of your dogs neck shouldn't be too tight to prevent breathing issues, allow for two fingers underneath whatever material you're using measuring the neck.

We will put the middle hole in our set of eyelets at the size you give us (let us know if you'd like it set on a different eyelet hole, for growing puppies etc)


We have smaller loops for the smaller sizes to ensure a nice fit both loose & pulled taught. Our XS size will have eyelet holes every 2 cm rather than 2.5 cm for more accurate fitting.


We will be releasing our smaller sizes soon - we just need to figure out a better option to reduce bulk on tiny necks. We have Pom-Bear (Pomeranian/spitz cross) lined up to help us develop the design. 




We cut your chosen colour of BioThane® and the webbing loop to our Jinks martingale collar pattern, then secure your choice of metal hardware in place with colour matched rivets then self colour thread on the webbing loop. Everything is handmade for you, and we think looks simple, modern and stylish. It’s also vegan, cruelty free and practical for daily use.




Any questions  - feel free to get in touch :)

  • Our collars can be washed with a mild detergent in the sink - but make sure to let them dry out properly to keep the metalwork & webbing looking its best.

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