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Small removeable BioThane handle for collar in waterproof material from JINKS

Neochrome harness/collar handle

This item is made to order and may take up to 10-14 working days. Please note that made to order items are non-refundable.


A handle that you can clip to your dog's harness, collar (make sure if is safe and doesnt dangle about!) or clip to a lead/long line if you like a lead with a D-ring or floating O-ring. Use with our long lines, training leads or your existing lead!


Our harness/collar handles measure 26cm from end to end when pressed flat. The grey handle in the product photo is our smaller handle, and the pink our larger handle for long lines. See our larger handles HERE.


They are fixed into a loop just large enough to go around your hand or, they can be popped into a pocket/clipped to a belt when not needed. We can also use reflective Biothane (+£2), but please contact us for that option as we would want to check stockist availability before confirming an order.

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