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Pocket Sized Faux Fur Tuggy - RTP

Pocket Sized Faux Fur Tuggy - RTP

Our dogs love our luxury faux fur tuggies, and we also love them, for a few reasons. We have two sizes, and now with squeakers in some, as well as our bungee handles. This listing is for our standard size faux fur tuggy with standard handle.


They fit nicely into an outdoor jacket pocket, or a side rucksack pocket (quickdraw!), they wash easily and fluff up afterwards well. The webbing has a light cushioning, a little more gentle on your hands than a standard webbing. They’re simple, they work and our dogs love them, no need to complicate things further than that.


Our tuggies are constructed to be as strong as something stuffed and made from fabric can be! We’ve lined the luxury faux-fur with a tough canvas, and made sure our cushioned webbing runs through the full length of the tuggy to assist with the core strength of the tuggy! We also use extra strong thread and love the end result.


As the faux fur we use is remnants from the fashion/home decor industry each fur is available in limited quantities. We have sorted them into colour groups (brown, grey, tan etc) and listed specific options where we can.

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