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Removable handle - waterproof webbing

Removable handle - waterproof webbing

Designed to be added on to our Long lines or Long leads to add more flexibility when walking, and safety around road sides or distractions. If you want a removable handle without purchasing a long line then our smaller versions may be what you are after - see them here.


These handles measure 36 cm end to end when pressed flat and are made with 20mm wide BioThane. We've designed these so you grab on to the line quickly, or keep your dogs close around other dogs, at gates or narrow paths etc. For example we would find one useful closer to the dog and one half way down the line. You can add them onto your order separately and we've linked to them with more information below.


Our removeable handles are made from waterproof webbing fixed into a comfortable hand sized loop. They have a lead clip on, designed to be clipped into D-rings, at a point(s) of your choosing. Or, they can be popped into a pocket when not needed. You can choose how many D-rings you want on your long line, and their positioning. We include one D-ring for the handle as standard, but you can choose to add on more for more length variation!


The price includes a removeable handle and one D-ring fixed to your long line at your chosen point. If you add another D-ring to your line (or more) please make sure to tell us what positions you want them fixed to. (we will match the hardware colour of your long line unless you tell us otherwise).

    Waterproof Webbing Colour
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