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Scrappy Tuggy

Scrappy Tuggy

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Rather than throw out the material classed as 'waste' from our product patterns, we've been hoarding bits & bobs, trying to find the best use for them. This ‘Scrap’ tuggy will be the first of our ‘Re-Crafted’ line.


They are made from bits of fleece that cannot be used for other products. This could be because they are a funny size/shape, have fabric imperfections, contains the raw edge of material. Or even then the fabric is useable & just cut slightly wrong for the intended purpose - we make mistakes!


We've used a 4 strand braid (but different to our regular tuggies), and plaited them to allow a decent amount of give/stretch. Although our regular braided tuggies have a smoother feel & offer more stretch (as they are cut for purpose). The benefit of these tuggies is as they are quick for us to make we can offer them at a highly reduced rate - this could be attractive if you have a puppy, or a particularly enthusiastic tuggy destroyer. Or a dog that just enjoys playing and 'scissoring' things up (like our rescues do!).


For some tuggies we’ve even knotted bits of fleece together to make a longer bit for braiding. We’re calling these ‘supper scrappy’ tuggies. If for whatever reason you don’t want one of these select ‘no’ in the option box - our dogs seem like the knots however! We can’t always guarantee we have super scrappy tuggies, so we’ve listed this option as ‘preferred’.



Pick between Short/Medium or Long.

Short/Medium 40-60cm, Long 70-100cm

Although please bare in mind there may be some differences in the sizes within those categories. We are trying to make the most of what we have in material offcuts. (We'll charge for the smaller size if a size if it's somewhere in between).



The tuggy will likely be grey and paried with another 1 or 2 bolder fleece colours. We can't offer any custom colours (for now) as we're making use of unused fabric, however feel free to add any colour preferences in the custom text box & we can try accomadate with what we have made up. We cannot gaurentee this however.

(For example if you have multiple dog's & keep things seperate with colours we can try offer a pink/purple colour pallete, green/blue etc.)



Wash at 30 and air dry.

    PriceFrom £2.50
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