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25mm wide 2 colour BioThane collar - RTP

25mm wide 2 colour BioThane collar - RTP

RTP = Ready to Post.


A new style for us here at JINKS. We've taken our normal adjustable collar pattern and made it into a design that has 2 BioThane colours - perfect if you can't pick or are trying to match a harness design. 


The colour split is design so it's roughly 50/50 when done up. so laid flat one colour looks longer than the other.


Waterproof, stink-proof & wipe clean collars! They keep their colour shape & great look with minimal upkeep on your end. Find more information on BioThane® itself, our collar designs, sizing and fittings here. Click here.


This listing is for our 25mm wide adjustable collars, with 2 BioThane colours that are pre-made and ready to post out to you. 


Collar sizing

  • Extra Small (XS) - 30-40 cm
  • Small (S) - 35-45 cm
  • Medium (M) -  40-50 cm
  • Large (L) - 45-55 cm


Our custom listings for all collars can be found on our BioThane® product page. Click here.

  • Below are our Jinks collar sizes, the size is given as a range value because the collars adjust to different lengths through the eyelets. The measurement represents the circumference made by the collar when buckled up so, should match your dog's neck size plus a little moving room! Please check our measuring guide in the information section if you are unsure.


    X-Small (XS) 30-40 cm,

    Small (S) 35-45 cm,

    Medium (M) 40-50 cm,

    Large (L) 45-55 cm,

    Extra Large (XL) 50-60 cm.

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