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Fleece & fur tuggies - RTP

Fleece & fur tuggies - RTP

RTP = Ready to Post


Our trusty braided fleece tuggy toys! 

Fleece is a simple material that works very well for your dog to thrash around with you! Our dogs love these, they always get excited when the toy comes out and want to play WITH you.


We’ve chosen two shapes for these toys, a straight braid (which wiggles really well) and a circle shape. Plus the circle shape can hold faux-fur weave. Both can be held in different ways and come in any mix of colours. We cut and braid the fleece to make sure there is as much ‘natural’ stretch as possible whilst retaining the good parts that the fabrics offer.



We’ve been using the same toys for months, they’ve been through our washing machines time after time, they still look great, and they work exactly the same as when we first made them.



Care guide.

  • When your tuggy gets gross you can machine wash at 30 degrees and the leave to air dry.

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