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Soft patterned collar 25 mm wide - RTP

Soft patterned collar 25 mm wide - RTP

Ready to post Fabric growing collars.


Options are listed as :

Size / Ribbon pattern / Webbing colour

(if not stated the collar will have a black buckle - silver buckles carry a +£2.00 charge)


These lightweight, soft collars are made from a patterned ribbon sewn to a smooth webbing in your choice of colour (we think they all look great with the light stone or light khaki option if you can’t decide!).


These collars are adjustable using the tri-glide to fit your dog perfectly. They close using our strong, acetal side-release buckles. Choose between black or silver hardware. Hand wash and hang to dry.



Sizes available:

Small: 25-35cm


Medium: 30-45cm


Large: 40-60cm

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