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Chunky 1 m Paracord Rope lead 12 mm - RTP

Chunky 1 m Paracord Rope lead 12 mm - RTP

RTP = Ready to Post.



We’ve chosen a larger knot for the handle that feels lovely to grab and hold. Whether you prefer holding the rope handle normally, or walk with the handle over your wrist whilst holding the the knot, it should be comfortable and easy to use. We’ve pre-loaded the knots, so as well as looking decorative they are secure. We’ve sewn the rope ends (on both the dog and human end) to make sure everything is super secure underneath the decorative elements.



As the lobster clip doesn’t have a ‘hook’ it may be easier to use for those with less mobility, or for a quick release in dog sports.




Note: this rope looks and feels like a static climbing rope, but it is not! Do not use for other purposes.

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