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Paracord Rope training leads - RTP

Paracord Rope training leads - RTP

RTP = Ready to Post. We currently just have these leads ready made for you to choose from, but please please get in touch if you want something specific/custom as we may have the materials to do so!



These leads measure about 2 m end to end, each of those ends has a lobster clip in silver or black. We've used our 10 mm diameter paracord rope in a smaller (and slightly different) collection of colourways. These new colours are annotated in the product photos.






We’ve chosen to sew the rope and bind the stitches with cord (rather than using our tough plastic lead end covers - like on our 1 m or 1.4 m paracord leads) so you can use each end if this lead whichever way you want and there isn't a plastic cover flapping around near your hand.


The knots holding the O-rings are tight but you should still be able to move them to a position of your choosing if you like as we haven’t ‘pre-weighted’ the knots. Once in position, you can use your lead in the wild and the knots will get tighter and tighter.


On these Ø 10 mm leads the lobster clips also clip over the rope itself, meaning you can clip it back on itself to wear (clip on and put over shoulder) when not in use - leaving you hands free for playing with your dog(s).


As the lobster clip doesn’t have a ‘hook’ it may be easier to use for those with less mobility, or for a quick release in dog sports.




Note: this rope looks and feels like a static climbing rope, but it is not! Do not use for other purposes.

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