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Ring Bungee Tuggy - RTP

Ring Bungee Tuggy - RTP

RTP = Ready to Post


Choose from a ring shape or a longer straight shape handle!




Our dogs love our luxury faux fur tuggies, and we also love them, but with a heavy and/or enthusiastic dog it can be a bit tough on our shoulders. So - we've taken a while to come out with them, but after testing and a few adjustments- we're finally launching our tuggies with our bungee handles!


We've used flat bungee inside a tubular webbing and give as much stretch as we can sew (with our new industrial machine!). They fit nicely into an outdoor jacket pocket, or a side rucksack pocket (quickdraw!), they wash easily and fluff up well afterwards.


The webbing is tough and the handle of our straight shape is lined with an extra layer of cushioned webbing to make it comfortable in your hand, allowing you to play with your dog for longer. (The ring shape doesnt need this as its stetchy all the way around!).


Our tuggies are constructed to be as strong as something stuffed and made from fabric can be! We’ve lined the luxury faux-fur with a tough canvas, and made sure the webbing runs through the full length of the tuggy to assist with the core strength of the tuggy! We also use extra strong thread and love the end result.

  • You can wash your faux fur tuggy in your washing machine at 30 degrees if it gets grimey and slimy. Or when it does! Leave to air dry then give it a shake and stroke to restore full fluffiness.

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