Snuffle bag with Shoulder Strap

Snuffle bag with Shoulder Strap

Along with our standard Snuffle Bag, this addition of a shoulder strap is something we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, and added on after talking to dog trainers we admire greatly.


The snuffle bag is mainly the same, but with a few small tweaks. 

We've added loops to the bag flap making a soft attatchment for the shoulder strap. We've made the snuffle bag flap, shorter and wider to make a 'tighter lid', and making the chances of food 'falling out' on the go less likely.


The shoulder strap is made from cushioned webbing, with a metal 'tri-glide' for adjustment for your activity/preffered length and two metal snap clips for attatchment. This way once the strap is removed, the only metal on the bag is the fastening clasp, meaning nothing clunky to grab hold of for the dog.


As there a small changes from our standard snuffle bag design, we can only make these shoulder snuffle bags through this listing. You can view more information on our snuffle bags on here on our standard listing, or here on a dedicated page.


Strap colour & clip style may vary.


Colour options:



  • Wine
  • Teal
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Grey
  • Royal Blue
  • Bottle Green
  • Black

Spring/Summer 2021:

  • Lilac
  • Mustard



  • Blossom: Pink - Lilac - Purple 
  • Sunset: Rust - Light blue  - Black
  • Wildflower - Lilac - Pink - Aqua - Purple
  • Herbal: Pink - Green - Wine
  • Atmosphere: Navy - Royal - Aqua - Sky
  • Coastline - Yellow - Navy - Sky
  • Galaxy - Aqua - Black - Pink
  • Landscape: Yellow - Royal - Green 

Spring/Summer 2021:

  • Glade - Pale pink - Khaki - Green
  • Tropical - Yellow - Khaki - Aqua 
  • We wash our snuffle products on a cool wash and leave to dry flat near a radiator/in the sun!