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We have 3 Standard sewing machines and 1 overlocker. We use these standard machines for things like our snuffle bags, our fabric collars and sewing on our branded tags.

They are older machines - but this means reliable and hefty! 2 have been used since the 70s/80s & one having lots of sentimental value - so we wouldn't swap them!

The overlocker is used less in JINKS items, but is useful when making items such as our canvas snuffle mat/long line bags. This gives a finished edge to the fabric on the inside of the bag. It also prevents the need for more time consuming sewing techniques which hide all cut edges - which passes costs onto the customer where it isn't needed.



We have an industrial walking foot machine, we use this for our chunkier sews. This includes our travel mats with cushioned inner as well as our luxury faux fur tuggies.


These items usually are too thick (and furry) to get a clean result on a standard sewing machine - using our industrial machine makes sure we can guarantee even results and strength.



We use our stroke press for constructing all our BioThane items. This includes cutting the holes in the material (with our custom spacing jig to ensure each item is the same), as well as pressing the rivets.

We feel the stroke press is important as it delivers far more pressure than a standard hand press. Each rivet in each item has the same pressure put on it, meaning we can consistently offer a high finished quality. 

We still have our standard hand press and use that for applying our logo to items (as you don't want too much pressure).


We have a material cutter, which we love!


We can use it to cut custom vinyl or heat transfer vinyl to add additions to your products - be that clothing or dog items.

We can also use it to cut paper, fabric, thin wood and even engrave metal. Wood & metal are unexplored avenues for us, but as we understand the technology well it's an option if you should need it.



We very proudly (sometimes stubbornly) make every bit of media and content you see on our website, at shows and on social media. (We outsource printing of business cards, our thank you postcards and flyers.)


If you would like additional services from us, we're happy to discuss.


We're more than happy to provide products photographs we already have & watermark them with both our logos. (For free). These usually are on a white background but we can replace backgrounds for your brand colours if you'd like.


We have developed custom 3D printed jigs to ensure accurate punching for our BioThane products. We've made these in house and feel these are a unique benefit to us!

For all our fabric products we use our custom patterns each time we cut material. This ensures accurate and consistent sizing, so the only discrepancies in sizing (within a cm usually) are from the actual construction & sewing.


long long line.JPG


We source our BioThane from one main supplier - the only stockist in the UK. We have also used a stockist in the EU when we have needed to.

Find out  more about BioThane and it's qualities in the product info section of our Wholesale hub.


We source our collar buckles and lead clips from two places, both are based in the EU and supply most of the pet based companies in Europe. We have also used a UK re-seller when we've needed something quick!

The buckles and clips are all a standardised size between colours, and are either nickel/chome plated zinc die cast, or powder coated zinc die cast.

Check our or technical spec list below,

we can also provide technical data sheets from the supplier for each item if you should wish.

2 buckle collar with cobra buckle Forest green rose gold 25 mm.jpg
large coastline snuffle mat.jpg


We are resourcing our supply of light grey fleece at the moment, we have a few options in the meanwhile whilst we finalise a single replacement - ask us if you're unsure.

We purchase our coloured fleece from one main UK seller, but sometimes have to shop around based on who as the colour we need at the time. We prefer sticking to one seller to ensure the colours remain the same, however sometimes they differ slightly from the production and dye process. We do our best to be consistent though.

The fleece we use is described as 'Polar fleece' (meaning it does not absorb moisture and isn't extra plush/fluffy). It's a nice weight at 254gsm, and made of polyester. This means it can cope with some light nibbling as well as drying fast after a wash.

The fleece always has one wash with us to catch any colour run off.


We use cordura design for outdoor use! This means it's made to be tough for use on boats & outdoor clothing, and face some abuse. 

It is a 600-D weight material in a range of colours. It has a canvas texture outer and a waterproof coating on the inside.


The fabric washes well, and keeps it's waterproofing due to the lining on the inside. Due to the waterproofing layer it isn't suitable to be tumble dried, ironed or placed directly on a hot radiator to dry. 

3 mats diagonal stacked.jpg


For our standard webbings, used in our bag straps, tuggies and tuggy lines we use two varieties. 
Both are a polyester material.

A cushioned webbing in black or grey which has a slight bounce to it as well as being soft to the touch to prevent and hand scraping. 

We use a tubular webbing around our bungee cord, this means you have the stretch with protection from the tubular webbing. This webbing is just in black.


We have tried various types of bungee materials, and settled on a flat type. We import this from a European producer - which whilst being a bit of a pain we think is worth it.

As the bungee is flat (most is a round cord) we can get better, stronger and more stitched onto the material!

This not only cuts down on the time making the product (which means our costs) as well as offers a stronger, sleeker finished result.



We buy our clothing blanks from one online store in England and one in Scotland. They usually have everything we want however sometimes certain size/colour combos are out of stock. As we use two shops we can usually find them elsewhere!

We use the clothing brands Tri-Dri, Regatta, Salvage and Earth Positive the most. All have either technical fabric ranges, recycled materials options or organic cotton.


We also use Fruit of the Loom for our tie-dye blanks, as well as AWDIS for sweaters and hoodies. We are happy to shop around for you on hoodie and sweater options as personal requirements always differ.


We find the standards of these brands to be very high. They wash very well & we find the fits flattering.


The only drawback is the 'ladies fit' options tend to stop at an XL or XXL - this seems to be a universal problem across all smaller brands and one we don't currently have a solution to.


We usually buy our fabrics for our accessories (snoods, bandanas and christmas stockings) from UK sellers. This can be from fabric stores with onlines shops, ebay shops or occasionally we find something in person!

The fabric is usually 100% cotton, a polyester cotton mix, or a polyester/mix stretch.

Fabric prices vary so wildly at the moment, we usually have a fabric budget in mind, however if you want a specific design that falls out side of this we can discuss. The additional cost would just be a flat fee based on the meterage of the fabric used - not an extra cost per item.


bee bandana.jpg

The basic information for each item can be seen below. Separated by BioThane, metal hardware, and misc.

A full table including breaking information for each part can be seen following the link to a google document.

This part is coming soon - we're just trying to get everything in one place!

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