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Occasionally we end up making lots of one thing or we feel like a certain product is really well suited to the time of year.  You'll find them below, as well as some seconds. We do occasionally make mistakes in our workshops and rather than scrap something that might  be non-standard sizing, or has a small cosmetic flaw we want to offer them as seconds.

A note on our seasonal offers

Occasionally we have enough materials to make lots of a certain item in one go. Meaning we can offer them to you at a reduced price!

Or, we simply feel like a product may be best suited to a particular time/season and want to pass on some of our best prices to you when we can!

Expect certain BioThane colours on offer, t-shirt designs, as well as some of our dog accessories!

Be quick though, they won't be around for long!

A note on our seconds

We will always detail what makes a JINKS product 'seconds' quality, (either by describing the 'flaws' in the product listing, or with photos).

We will never sell anything that doesn't work or does not function appropriately.

We won't sell a collar that will come apart, a lead with a faulty clip or a t-shirt with holes in. However we will sell, as seconds, collars/leads with small scratches or marks, clothing with imperfect printing, or items that fall outside our standard sizing.


Clothing for dog lovers

We're are switching to a 'clothing drop' way of working, to give you more choice of clothing styles, keep costs lower on both sides and make things a bit more green! (Less postage back and forth!)

We have a few items of clothing ready made for you to order now at a reduced cost!


We do have a small amount of Mossy-Stone BioThane left for collars. Please email us to enquire about availability. (Contact box below)



We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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