Kids custom tie-dye t- shirt

Kids custom tie-dye t- shirt

These tie-dye t-shirts may take slightly longer to arrive to you because of the many steps involved with their creation. If you have multiple items in your order they will all be shipped at once, with your tie-dye shirt. It is also part of our clothing drop - for more information on how this works check out this page.


We use soft cotton t-shirts and high quality dyes so your garment will last. We use a technique for dyeing the fabric that means seperate pigments within the dye show up and give small areas of beautiful splattered colour dots. The 'woof' design is added to the garment afterwards giving a bold text effect.


As each item is dyed seperately we make sure to place the design in the most flattering or impactful way.  



  • Blues & teals

  • Blues & purples

  • Blues & Pinks

  • Purples & Pinks

  • Reds & oranges

  • Blues & Greens

  • Greens & Yellows

  • Blues & Yellows

  • Yellows & Orange

  • Greens

  • Blues

  • Purples



  • 'Zip' style

  • Shibori

  • Tall lines

  • Stripey

  • Cloudy

  • Swirl

We can also offer the option to have various levels of white/colour on our cloudy & tall lines styles. Get in touch if you have any questions about other styles or colour options.



XS ~ 3-4 years

Small ~ 5-6 years

Medium ~ 7-8 years

Large ~ 9-11 years

X-Large ~ 12-14 years


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