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Snuffle mats

Snuffle mats

This snuffle mat is a made to order item. We have a few snuffle mats ready to order here, they also carrry a discount.


We haven’t invented this product, snuffle mats have been around for a long time, and come from idea that dogs can be benefitted and enriched by scatter feeding on grass outside, rather than from a bowl. The act of searching out for food bits comes naturally to most animals, domestic or not, sniffing through grass (or bits of fleece!) is not only enriching but most dogs find this calming.



For size estimates and scale please swipe/click through the product photos.

  • Small - £15 - for small dogs or a smaller option for medium dogs (Link uses this size!)
  • Medium - £20 - for medium and large dogs (Arwen & Jasper use this size)
  • Large - £30 - a very large option, suitable for medium/large dogs sharing or for the biggest dog breed


Contact us for any additional size requirements & we will try our best to accomadate.


How we think they work best?

They can be used to help calm a dog (sniffing out food is natural behaviour that also doesn’t promote arousal!), use as an indoor scatter feeding method if it’s chucking it down outside, use to slow down meal time and get the biscuits out the bowl!


Why do people like them?

Lots of enrichment methods, or distraction methods also involve arousal, which is often exactly the behaviour we want (‘Yes, be excited to jump over that log’, or ‘Yes, be excited to play tuggy with me!’), we want to encourage calm in all dogs (but particularly nervous dogs) without the arousal. Or, in excited dogs we may want them to not eat at 100 miles an hour, even just for their own safety! Enrichment and mental stimulation are just as important to a dog as running around a field or playing with a ball/tuggy toy. Snuffle mats cam be used to enrich, slow eating and occupy whilst needed (eg. while the postman comes?)


The process of ‘snuffling’ really works for us, if we’re caught on a small path with a horse passing or a noisy child with a balloon, just throwing treats/biscuits into the long grass really helps calm while the ‘thing that the dog doesn’t like’ approaches. If our dogs are a bit hyper or need to come back down after a play session, we use our snuffle mats indoors to try return back down to a workable level.


Our snuffle mat.

We’ve constructed ours onto a washable grid layer, and a good quality polar fleece snuffle layer. We’ve tried to get the density balance right, too many snuffles makes it hard to get to the biscuits, or for us to load up the mat for dinner, whilst to little snuffles offer little resistance and not much sniffing is needed from the dog. You may still need to wriggle some biscuits into the fleece snuffles if you’re loading up the mat with a full meal.




We've just updated and added to our colour options, check them out below.



Surprise me (can’t decide? Let us pick for you!)






Heather fields










Sky blue

Navy blue

Royal blue

Aqua blue

Bottle green









  • This listing is for made to order items, and custom items, so may have a slightly longer lead time than the standard leads and training leads we have in stock.

  • We wash our snuffle products on a cool wash and leave to dry flat near a radiator/in the sun!

PriceFrom £15.00
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