Products designed and handcrafted to help with training and strengthening your relationship with your dog, Cruelty free & vegan.

Clothing designs by us!

We've reopened orders for our clothing designs for our first clothing drop of 2021 (we will stop taking orders on Jan 18th).

We operate by working on a 'drop' format, you can find more information on this on our clothing drop page.

There will be another drop opening in a month or two after.

Bungee tuggies

Our new Tuggies!

Using Luxe Faux-fur, so its vegan & cruelty free, but looks and feels realistic. We use off cuts from the home & fashion industry to make these; so it's a greener option.

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Shop by collection


snuffle collection

Our snuffle bag, is design by us, for use anywhere & we're very proud of it: a great addition to any training tool kit. We also do traditional snuffle mats too!




From an easy transportable waterproof travel mat, to our training lines and leads. We make make whatever it is you're missing.

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BioThane collection

We make all our collars, leads, long-lines and belts. Pick your style and colour mix. Everything is waterproof, stink-proof, mud-proof and,

 fuss free!




From sports fabric t-shirts for dog sports, to our recycled cotton/polyester t-shirts for lounging. All are hand designed and printed by us.




Choose from our cruelty-free tuggies, made with high quality faux-fur or  our braided fleece options. Bungee handles are being tested and are coming soon!


Just for fun


From bandannas in a range of prints to stretchy snoods in a variety of finishes, it's just a bit of fun. We can make them to any size as a custom order.

Designed and hand made by Jinks

Have you heard of our snuffle bag?

We love our snuffle bag, and it's part of the reason Jinks started too! We designed and developed it ourselves, and we're both very proud of it!

You can take our water-resistant snuffle bag anywhere for your dog to snuffle and calmly munch snacks! Great for dog classes, light stress environments, or just for dinner whilst you're out!



We've just launched our wholesale & large order section of JINKS!

We have 'dog business' rates for large orders with low minimum orders, and sliding price rates for wholesale orders. We can match our styles and colours to your business, or make your designs if you have ideas.

You can visit our wholesale page from our menu or the button below and fill out our enquiry form, or just email us and ask us for a quote


sHOP Some of our favourites


Jinks is a new small company, made up by Amy & Caitlin. We didn't know each other 2 years ago, but got puppies around the same time, and met through dog training classes. Both dogs & humans immediately bonded!  Amy's background is in costume and prop design, and Caitlin was doing a research PhD in Molecular Biology. We joked about starting a company selling dog 'stuff' weeks into our friendship, but left it there until circumstances changed. Turned out that we were both handy at making things for our dogs to help with training and promoting good behaviour.

For example; Caitlin's border collie hit puberty and became quite anxious/stressed. This brought about an early prototype of the 'Snuffle Box'A portable way to help encourage calm behaviours with the use of 'snuffling'. Link's a lovely dog, but between his working stock breed and his hormones running wild he's not an 'easy dog'. The early Snuffle Box prototype ended up helping both Caitlin and Link chill out a bit at foundation agility classes, both enjoying the activities more and enriching life for Link.

Jasper is a pretty strong dog (his Husky genes!) and during early training, certain leads weren't practical and things didn't quite work right. Jasper also had little interest in treat and food based rewards, and Amy found a lot of products available for use in play training weren't cruelty free. So... she made exactly what she wanted, and it went down a storm with Jasper! Plus, the added benefit of no guilt with faux-fur in her pocket!

We seriously thought about who we want to be as a company and what we want to offer. We wanted to offer products primarily based around positive training and relationship building. Once we settled on firm ideas, goals, and a ethos we were proud of... Jinks began!

Caitlin & Link

Amy & Jasper


Want to enquire about a custom order or have any questions? Drop us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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