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custom tie-dye with a twist

Hand tie-dyed cotton t-shirts with a bold 'woof' print to show you're a shameless 24/7 dog lover.

As we hand tie and dye these cotton t-shirts we can't guarantee a dye result to match a photo! However you can choose your tie-dye pattern/dye technique and your colour pallet. 

Scroll down for more information, you can order on this page or our main clothing drop page.

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These tie-dye t-shirts may take slightly longer to arrive to you because of the many steps involved with their creation. If you have multiple items in your order they will all be shipped at once, with your tie-dye shirt.




  • Blues & teals

  • Blues & purples

  • Blues & Pinks

  • Purples & Pinks

  • Blues & Greens

  • Greens & Yellows

  • Blues & Yellows

  • Yellows & Orange

  • Greens

  • Blues

  • Purples


​See style photos below.

  • 'Zip' style

  • Shibori

  • Tall lines

  • Stripey

  • Cloudy

  • Swirl

We can also offer the option to have various levels of white/colour on our cloudy & tall lines styles. Get in touch if you have any questions about other styles.