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Gifting or treats for yourself.

Some bundles of products perfect for gifting, or just a little money off for your own dog!

Christmas celebrations

Bundles with 'Unlock Your Dog'

Our good friend and dog advocate Rachel over at Unlock Your dog and Jink have teamed up to offer some doggy bundles. We haven't knocked too much in price off (but a bit) but it means you can order from one place and support two small businesses (with one postage cost)

Gift ideas for a doggy household. 

- foolproof choices dependant on the doggy!

- bear with us whilst we update the description on the rest on this page.

Jinks x 'unlock your dog'

Our friend at Unlock your dog & us teamed up to give you some bundles. Save money on postage, support 2 small businesses as well as get a little bit of a deal!


Gift ideas

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All Christmas bundles will come with a Christmassy themed thank you note!

You can use the listing below to let us know  a 'gift message' if the packaging is going straight to the giftee!