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Jinks isolation portrait competition/giveaway

To celebrate us becoming 1 as a business, but also acknowledging the fact it's fallen at such a strange time, we're hosting a competition/giveaway that you can enter by posting portraits representing your experience during the ongoing isolation. Photo can be of your dog and/or you, and you can enter on Instagram or Facebook.

Just make sure to tag us and use the hashtag #jinksisolationportrait so we can see your entry.

Full blog post including what we've been getting up to is here.

Competition/giveaway #jinksisolationportrait
A dog or human and/or dog self-portrait capturing up how ‘life on lockdown’ has been for you.

We’re approaching 1 year open as a business (we can’t quite believe it!), our original celebration plans are having to change given the current environment, so we think this portrait challenge will be a great way to celebrate. We’ll also have a few things launching, and maybe even a discount code/sale. We’ll have a separate blog post about our 1 year celebration, and new launches(!), but for now we’ll run our portrait giveaway until our 1st birthday (May 17th). We’ll pick one winner and if it’s hard to decide we’ll give some smaller prizes runner ups.

This could be a portrait with your dog(s), one just of your dog(s) if you don’t like being in photos, or one for each of you! This could highlight new activities you’ve been doing, showing how you’ve been co-existing at the moment or how you’ve been coping if you’re a key worker and times are stressful. Even a small video showing a new trick you’ve learnt, or behaviour you’ve improved! Whilst the country is facing and has faced some huge losses (maybe even you have too), this could be a great way to highlight some of the good that may have come out of lockdown.


The prize, pick 1 of the following prizes ;

  • 1 BioThane Lead and collar set - we’ll send out a list of BioThane colours to pick from, and you can pick from any hardware colour you like. Pick between an adjustable or fixed length/sports collar, and a standard or training lead.

  • A snuffle mat and a travel mat - snuffle mat can be XS/S or medium and a travel mat medium or small- we’ll send you a list of colours to choose from.

  • A snuffle bag and a faux fur tuggy - we’ll send you a list of colours and sizes to choose from.

  • Velvet/colour shift snood and a t-shirt from our stock (if we have nothing in your size, we can figure something out!)

Rules/guidelines :

  • Must be safe for your dog

  • Show something representative of your experience in lockdown

  • Tag us and use the hashtag #jinksisolationportrait

  • Post before 17th May

  • Bonus: tag someone who you’d love to see enter in the comments of either Caitlin’s or Amy’s self portraits on the Jinks Instagram and we'll give you an extra entry!

  • You do have to follow us to win… but we won’t make you share wildly etc.

  • The winner won’t just be based on photo quality, but also what it shows, so no worries if you just have a phone camera :)

  • You can enter twice only - one for your photo and one for tagging a friend.


To start us off Caitlin & Link have done one (self timers/remotes are great!). There’s a few poses because Link is too cute, and I tried to include a few things representing what we’ve been up to, but without making a cluttered photo (I would also have included something to show our intro to hoopers training but Link’s paw has put a pause to that. (Check out TRI Dog training for the online hoopers training, more information on the reward and instructors across the country here!).

We have

  • Some of the scrubs sewn (including a pair made from a good quality donated bedsheet)

  • New plants for my birthday (have also been prepping some cuttings!)

  • New hair! – which might be my favourite colour to date! Even though I went through a week of looking a bit silly as I’d run out of bleach – thankfully Amy rescued me with some more during a contactless Jinks stock exchange, as well as instructions.

  • Living in dungarreeees! Great for sewing in as they’re super comfy and not tight around my waist (needed for my chronic pain and health issues in that area!)

  • A Box FULL of the snuffle parts of our snuffle bags, they are being sewn into our bag material and make up the ‘ready made’ products available on our website.

  • And Link. Just Link in all his beautiful collie like beauty. I love him and couldn’t imagine ‘lockdown’ without him,… and his poorly paw.


Amy with Jasper & Arwen’s include the much loved flirt pole, this tool is so great to really tire out your dog, even in your back garden, it also helps teach self control and gives a controlled outlet for prey driven dogs. We’ve also been focusing on calm fitness training too which really helps teach body awareness as we are about to embark on an online Dog Parkour course run by Dogs Club Sheffield! - Check them out here!

We have

  • Squishyface Flirt Pole

  • Paw target balls for fitness training

  • Sourdough! - my dad sent me an offspring from his starter and I’ve been trying my hand at baking tasty bread!

  • Decorating supplies - We’re mid-renovation on our house and have finally got to the stage where we can paint our living room walls! (you may have seen some funky backdrops in some of our training videos on Instagram!)

  • Game controller - if lockdown isn't the time to blitz through your game library, what is?! (note DOOM tee 😉)

  • And of course Jasper and Arwen!


You can use free apps on your phone to add text to photos and include annotations like we have. There are many apps available, or you could even use the editing function on Instagram stories and save the photo to upload on your feed if you like, or just list in your photo caption!

Join in with the hashtag #jinksisolationportrait so we can see everyone's’ – tag us too!

We'll assume you're happy for us to share your entries, we'd love to share them on our stories for others to see and be inspired, but please let us know if you don't!

As it’s a giveaway please remember to use the hashtag and tag us in your photos. We’ll pick our favorite (for what they show - not necessarily the best quality photo) after our 1st birthday. UK only, or Europe if winner agrees to pay additional postage costs.

Caitlin's portrait is on our Instagram now, Amy’s portrait will be coming soon!

We can't wait to see your representative portraits!

- Caitlin, Amy, Link, Jasper and Arwen


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