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Meera Puppins’ Steel City Gazette features us!

TLDR; We are excited to announce our collaboration with Meera Puppins, a local puppy training speclialist. Meera features us in the latest edition of her 'Steel City Gazette', a dog-focused newsletter with a different theme in each release. The current edition has a Wonka theme and even includes a Golden ticket giveaway!


We first met Meera at Thornberry Animal Rescue’s ‘Pooches in the Park’ event last year. She was looking for a business that makes BioThane products and also practices force-free training to recommend to her clients. Meera is relatively new to Sheffield but has already started her Puppy socialisation walks and private training. (Check her out below). In addition to her training business, Meera has recently started a new role as a Pet Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross UK, working in the Pet Rehoming and Advice Unit in Sheffield!

On top of all this Meera also does paper newsletters focusing on local businesses, events, and people. (Meera Puppins or Superwoman?!). The paper newsletter is a harp back to old school community life, we hope it’s a great way to help build a dog friendly community within Sheffield. Meera sends these newsletters out to local pet shops, pet friendly businesses (like cafe’s), as well as her client list. Her last newsletter included a profile on Rowan from Pooch and Pineapple - our friend, and a fantastic pet photographer.

We’re happy to be featured in this edition of her newsletter! There’s a short profile and information on the products we think are best for puppy and young dog training. Such as our long line, tuggies and snuffle mats! Find Meera'a instagram post on it here.

To make things even more exciting, the newsletter also features a giveaway including prizes from us. Keep an eye out for a golden ticket hidden in five copies of the newsletter, which will provide instructions on how to claim your prize. The newsletter have already started making their way around the city, so start your search!

For more information about Meera you can visit her website For more on her day to day and her newsletter, you can visit her Instagram or Facebook page. Alternatively, you can email her to request a copy of the newsletter:

Stay tuned for more blog posts from us this year!




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