Lockdown catch up & competition

What we have been up to - as humans, dogs, and as JINKS.

TLDR : Odd times, we've been busy sewing - for Jinks and making scrubs. Jinks is approaching it's first birthday this month! We have some launches coming up, and a lockdown inspired competition/giveaway. Detailed in this blog post, but also in a post just about the giveaway/competition & it's details is here.

Hello fellow dog lovers! Caitlin writing this one!

What an odd time it is, I know it’s all a big change and mentally a bit of a battle. For some of us more of a battle than others of course. Somehow, I’ve managed to become more busy than usual!? Or maybe it just seems like that compared to some people who sadly find themselves out of work and having lots of unwanted time on their hands. (However I do love seeing everyone’s projects, from cleaning and gardening to drawing and DIY-ing!).

We started off this UK ‘lockdown’ a few weeks ago, right after launching our new clothing drop. We put a lot of thought into what we were going to stock in the month before the launch, and the most sensible way of ordering/making/supplying. We thought the most eco-friendly, and practical way to operate is to do limited runs of orders, close clothing orders for a bit, then repeat again in a month (or however long). This way we’re not ordering back and forth from suppliers. Plus we can hand print orders in batches keeping our time costs down and passing that saving onto you guys. (A blog post about ways people/businesses do clothing drops/orders might come in the future before we can start up again– perhaps alongside a soft launch). We had sourced a nice ‘ladies’ fit hoodie, and flattering, recycled cotton/polyester mix t-shirts. Plus, sorted out our new designs ready for screen printing… and then…. lockdown and our supplier (quite rightly) shut. So, there’s a pin in that clothing project for re-launching down the line :)

We still have some clothing stock made up in various sizes/designs available to order, as we would have had quite a few shows coming up, which are also delayed for now. Click here to see what we have available!

Amy and myself haven’t been leaving the house much, as we obviously work from home, but also as both of us have pre-existing health conditions so want to be careful on where we choose to go. We’ve been missing each other, but chat regularly (almost hourly) and have been doing quite a few things ‘together’ still. After all, we were friends first.

For example, we’d been looking at ways to try to offer any skills we have to help out local efforts at the moment and came across the wonderful ‘For the Love of Scrubs’ campaign. Specifically, we’ve got involved in the Sheffield chapter and have spent many hours sewing scrubs for local hospitals, GPs, clinics etc. It’s very surreal, and whilst we really hate the fact that people are without everything they need (likely through poor central planning/preparation), we wouldn’t want key workers to be without as a form of protest. We’ve given our time/sewing hours to sew almost 30 sets of scrubs between us.

We’ve held off from posting about it as we are always very conscious of what we share as a ‘business’. We’re sewing because it’s how we can help, our time is ours to give for free. It’s not an activity we’ve started for ‘brownie points’ or to make JINKS look good. We’ve been sewing a huge variety of things for a few weeks now, as of course JINKS is still up and running. We’re making to sure to fulfil orders as soon as we can (of course there are occasionally some delays with materials arriving, but I’m sure everyone can appreciate that hold up).


We’ve also been thinking long term and giving our dogs lots of careful boundaries during this time (kindly – we’re all about positive reinforcement here). Mainly as, whilst our partners are working from home at the moment, they won’t be forever and I’m sure our dogs will miss them (as will we). Plus, things like our usual agility classes aren’t going on and routines are massively different. We want them to have as few struggles as possible when some of the restrictions are lifted, and when things go back to normal months down the line. Plus we don’t want them to forget anything we’ve put a lot of time into training.

Link & Arwen have both had to have contact with the vets too! Just trying to one up each other. Link has likely pulled a ligament in his foot (perhaps as he’s gone from super fit – to not as much endurance/strength/fitness, and accidents can happen in this grey area – in his case, getting up from bed!). Anti inflammatory medication, rest and monitored exercise/very short walks. He’s already looking and feeling better!

Then Arwen sneakily stole some flapjack from the kitchen side in her house. (She was a street dog, and came from a rescue so she still needs more careful watching than Jasper, it only takes a second!). She consumed quite a few raisins (toxic to dogs – but of course every dog’s limit is different), but within 10 minutes she was given an emetic and threw them back up at the vets (for safety). She also enjoyed some activated charcoal meals for a while.. Pair of plonkers!

Things happen! Thankfully for Link I’m also now a qualified Dog First Aider so I could make the judgment there were no foreign bodies/trauma on Link’s paw, (not much help on the raisin front though!) but we’ve also been thinking carefully about what mental tasks we get our pooches doing. Part of that is what social media challenges we’ve been taking part of. We wouldn’t want to go against any training, or stress our dogs out – even if it looks cute.

We know a lot of people doing challenges are doing them for all the ‘right’ reasons, however things like snatching food away from your dog (the whack-a-mole box game) could make them frantic or stressed, and could even cause problems you didn’t previously have. There’s lots of thoughts we have on the matter of what goes viral in the dog world, and it’s hard to know how much to say, we’re not experts, we don’t want to offend or to confront, or even to come across badly to new or existing customers.. we’ll leave it there for now. We’ve been sticking with wait/leave challenges and have a proposition for a new one:

New challenge for our competition/giveaway: A dog or human and/or dog self-portrait capturing up how ‘life on lockdown’ has been for you.