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Our lead design

Just like we introduced our BioThane ® collar design recently, we feel it's only fair to our leads to give them the same treatment. We also feel our leads offer something new, and don't look like other BioThane products available.

Everything on our leads is designed to be strong and to last. Again, we have 2 points of protection (metal rivets) after every load-bearing point. On our standard leads we've even added another rivet as we think it looks good. That said - we can make up any lead in any style for you and your dog.

Our 1 m standard style leads.

Our standard lead comes in 25 mm BioThane. It has a nice big handle, which we find really quite comfortable (especially if you have a dog in training that likes to pull! ). It's 1 m long and has a pretty good looking trigger clip to clip into your harness/collar!

If you have a smaller dog and want a smaller lead clip we can also make our standard lead in our 20 mm BioThane! We use our larger rivets on both lead widths.

Here's some lead details and a certain good looking collie modelling his teal lead with black hardware on a mountain in Scotland!

We can also make up our standard leads in shorter lengths, 75 cm or 50 cm (traffic lead length).

Our Training leads

When Amy and myself (Caitlin) met, we both used training leads, the padded fabric-y ones. I had used mine with my previous collie cross and even then got frustrated with it knotting and taking ages to dry! Amy's lead clip just broke, and quite quickly! We knew training leads were high up on our list of things to make, make well, and start using/testing out quickly.

There are tonnes of variations of training leads out there, in style, length, width and in design. We wanted it to be one length of BioThane to keep it simple, three length options, and for it to be comfortable. We ended up with what you see below:

Fancy gif of all the training lead options!

We feel the 20 mm is the most comfortable for day to day use, but are more than happy to make training leads up with 25 mm BioThane, or add custom additions onto our base design!

Using the leads

We enjoy using our training leads for a few reasons, mainly for the length options and easy to keep hold of handle in the 'loop' length.

On short lengths it's great for paths and pavements, but on a longer length it works great for more open areas, giving the dogs more chance to sniff on lead. Plus it offers a great opportunity for loose lead training at different lengths, and further re-enforce the habit of walking close to you!

You can also use our training lead and simple walking belt together! Either loop the lead through the D-ring, or clip one end of your lead into the O-ring. This is great for more adventurous walks where you may want both hands, or even for running!

Again, we've designed these to be safe, comfortable to use, but also to look nice and last you a long time. You can pick from our colour selection of BioThane and any metal hardware option (small price lift for neochrome - only the extra amount it costs us to get!)

Our leads

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There's not much else to say really - we haven't re-invented the wheel, just designed a nice BioThane version of it! We made and started testing the first version back in late Jan/Feb when our boys were still puppy looking! The training lead came soon after and was also testing by puppy looking boys! Link has a standard lead in teal, and training lead in wine. Jasper's training lead is in teal, and has a 25 mm training lead in royal blue (why we know we prefer the thinner version!), it's modelled by Link below just to confuse things.

- Caitlin x

p,s. here's a super small sneak peek of some of our paracord products that we'll be releasing once we're a bit more established :)


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