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Waterproof webbing long line - 5 m

Waterproof webbing long line - 5 m

This is a made to order item, please allow 10-15 working days for dispatch.


A lower cost alternative to Biothane!


We appreciate that buying Biothane products can be costly, especially when you’re purchasing long lines, so we’ve been testing out this new waterproof webbing alternative.


It has the same premise as Biothane, a polypropylene webbing core with a waterproof, stink-proof PU coating. The only difference we can detect when handling it is that it is slightly stiffer than Biothane, but without having both side by side you wouldn’t tell!

Biothane has a break load of 340kg (for 20mm wide) where this waterproof webbing is 210kg (for 20mm wide), so we still recommend Biothane for bigger dogs who like to lunge at the end of their line.


We currently have 4 colour options, and if it proves popular we will increase this range. We love the colours we’ve picked, some completely unique that Biothane does not offer!



Want to add extra length? Click HERE.


Customise your line with grab handles HERE, or clip points for removable handles HERE.

Want to upgrade the clip to one of our new carabiner style clips with 400kg break limit? Click HERE.




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